Restaurant since 1919

The specialties of a veracious “Luciana”

Also in the kitchen, “La Bersagliera”, a veracious Luciana, as people called the authentic sons of this district, - hasn’t betrayed the tradition. On the tables prepared with simplicity she doesn’t offer too sophisticated or necessarily innovative courses: the menu offers tasty popular recipes, made at the moment, with care and sincerity. Meals remind simple kitchen invented from “luciani” people, the base of a gastronomy poor of ingredients, but rich in flavors and perfumes, without sophistications, agreeable to princes, stars and common people. «Donna Emilia sape chello che fa e io saccio chello che me mangio», Eduardo De Filippo wrote on the photo taken at the table where he used to sit (“Mrs. Emilia Knows what she does and I know what I eat”). The famous actor Totò, who wasn’ t used to advertise for something., allowed to be filmed while having lunch at La Bersagliera. And Elisabeth Taylor, when she stayed in Neaples with Richard Burton, wanted in the imperial suite at the Excelsior hotel the meals served directly from the Bersagliera, sent to her by Agostino Chiosi. To cook this meals they were the cooks who had handed on from father to son the secret of the difficult art of genuine cooking: humility. The task of head- cook was held by Monsù Antonio di Primo called “l’Abbruzzese”, then by Giovanni Iannace “il Cavaliere”(“the Knight”), who for more than fourty years worked in the restaurant, deserving the title of “Maestro del Lavoro” (“Master of Labour”). Now, it’s the turn of Raffaele Sannino who, together with his collaborators, prepares the specialties of the restaurant. Sea hors d’oeuvres, octopus salads, genuine mozzarella di Bufala, matchless spaghetti with clams and delicate risotto alla pescatore or, alternatively, home - made egg tagliatelle alla Bersagliera, very delicious thanks to a rich assortment of genuine little octopuses and sea fruits thickened by a fresh tomatoes sauce. And then second courses: “coccio all’acqua pazza”, plain but dainty; dory cooked into salt, unadorned, but sea flavoured; fried bass, unusual and soft; frittura di paranza. And, to close, home - made cakes, cooked with natural ingredients: according to the Neapolitan family tradition, the pastiera, symbol of fertility, the regal zuppa inglese, the caprese and the irresistible babà.

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