Restaurant since 1919

“Borgo” Charm

This little sheet of sea was the last image that emigrants – as in the famous song by E.A. Mario – took in their hearts when leaving our land to go in search of their fortune abroad. Just here, in one of the most suggestive and picturesque corners of Naples and its gulf, on the pier of the little port of Santa Lucia, in front of Castel dell’Ovo and close to the big hotels, is situated the restaurant “La Bersagliera”. The place is down-town, easy to be reached, separated from the rest of the town even though in the centre. Despite all the changes, this area still charms the spirits in a magic way. Even Pavarotti chose “La Bersagliera” for his dinner in Naples, maybe because he wanted to get acquainted with the mythical district that inspired Cottrau and E. A. Mario with the famous songs on Santa Lucia inserted in the repertoire of their concerts. It is useless to say that is not possible any more, to get there by the old cabs that allow to walk in a slow and romantic way. The guys, who dive in front of the restaurant and once invited foreigner people to throw coins, are no more the same of course. And there are no more the stalls of the oyster-sellers that being a joyful, wholly seafaring, scenography used to cheer the view of the passers-by. And still the heart of the old Santa Lucia, bright and colourful, keeps on beating in the little port, sacred place in the history of the origins of the town. And this, you can easily get aware of, by going down the stairs that from Via Partenope take to the pier of Santa Lucia thus finding in the Bersagliera atmospheres not entirely lost. The restaurant, in fact, continues to offer, together with its hospitality, simple and genuine meals of the Neapolitan culinary tradition and the most authentic appearance of the town. Known and appreciated in Italy and abroad, dear to old customers (belonging to third if not even to the fourth generation!) La Bersagliera has been rediscovered also by the more and more numerous people who have recommenced to believe in Naples and in its true beauties.

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