Restaurant since 1919

How it was

"La Bersagliera is a flag

La Bersagliera is as it was

La Bersagliera is a real beauty"

Monica Vitti
(from photo album of 1987)

"The ancient pictures in sepia color of La Bersagliera are still today the sames that one could take inside the restaurant. The stuccos, that you can admire above you, are still those of 1925: decorations and furnishings make you travel back of 70 years, at the time of your parents or perhaps of your grandparents. Tables are near: they lie on the ancient floor made of marble granules where in some points the logo of the restaurant appears. During warm seasons you can sit either here, in this corner of great suggestion, or also outside, under the green and blu cloth-covered veranda where the tables are just next to the sea, on the ancient fishermen's harbour of Borgo Marinari."

From Edoardo Raspelli's report
(from "La Stampa" newspaper of July 27th, 1997)

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